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today 27.09.2016 10:07
(by Kyiv time)


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Journalist killed by titushki in Kyiv


Viacheslav Veremiy, journalist from the Vesti newspaper died in hospital early on Wednesday morning.  He and an IT specialist from the newspaper, Alexei Lymarenko were returning by taxi from work. When the car stopped at traffic lights in the centre, some masked men with batons and weapons began shaking the car and hurling Molotov cocktails into it.  The men were dragged out, beaten and Veremiy shot in the chest.  The attack was first reported by LB.ua reporter Serhiy Vysotsky and was almost certainly carried out by titushki, or pro-government hired thugs.  

Vesti reports that Viacheslav Veremij had only just returned to work after prolonged sick leave.  He had been injured on Hrushevsky St on Jan 20 and partially lost sight in one eye.

25 people are reported dead, some from bullet wounds.  

At present the Institute for Mass Information’s list of journalists injured stands has 28 names on it.  

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