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today 25.09.2016 05:02
(by Kyiv time)


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Largest independent Crimean channel silenced


The private Chornomorska TV channel has been taken off air in a move forced on the broadcasting centre by the supposed new prime minister Sergei Aksenov or Russia which has effectively occupied the Crimea

The state-owned Radio and TV Broadcasting Centre in the Crimea has taken the Chornomorska TV channel off air.   The letter to this effect states that for reasons before the Centre’s control, transmission of TV Chornomorska within the Crimea has been stopped.

The chief editor of the channel told Radio Svoboda that people in the Centre had told him that force had been used to make them stop broadcasting the channel.  They did not specify who had used the force.

There is now only one channel broadcasting throughout the Crimea, the state-owned Krym which is under the control of the purported “prime minister” Sergei Aksenov.  The latter supposedly ousted Anatoly Mohylyov during a session of the Crimean parliament after gunman wearing uniforms without insignia but believed to be Russian seized the parliamentary and government buildings on Feb 27.

Aksenov first announced that he considered Viktor Yanukovych his president, then on March 1 asked Russia for “help”.  As reported, Aksenov’s party only received 4% in the last elections, and three seats in parliament.

This is yet another ominous development in the Crimea suggesting that Russia which has effectively occupied the Crimea wants to impose clamps on channels of information.  

The propaganda campaign against Ukraine and the EuroMaidan movement over recent months has been waged ferociously and there is clearly no wish for the local population to have access to alternative views. 


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