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today 25.09.2016 03:17
(by Kyiv time)


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Crimean “referendum” like filming an expensive blockbuster for Russian TV


Andriy Krysko, head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] in the Crimea says that the referendum on March 16 had little in common with a real effort to establish the will of the voters. It could best be compared to the filming of an expensive blockbuster for Russian television, he told Radio Svoboda.

According to CVU’s information, there were numerous infringements during the so-called referendum.  Krysko says that the main method of falsifying the results was the simplified procedure for putting people onto additional voter lists at the polling stations on the day of the vote.  The number of people added in this way was abnormal.

He points out that people who voted in this manner at one polling station could well have gone on to vote at another.

“We cannot discount the possibility that Russian nationals with Russian passports also voted. We received such information from several sources. We assume that the voting took place with the help of “dead souls” since the lists were very old and had not been checked. At one of the polling stations they used a 1999 list”.

Krysko added that there were no observers from any organization that could inspire trust.  The only permitted exit poll was run by an organization linked to one of the deputies of the Simferopol City Council which also casts doubts over the results.

According to this exit poll, 93% supported Crimea joining Russia. 


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