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today 24.09.2016 23:51
(by Kyiv time)


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"Segodnya" journalists attacked in the Crimea


Sergei Nikolaev  [photo: www.segodnya.ya]

On Monday night in Yalta special correspondent Dmitry Bunetsky and photographer Sergei Nikolaev from the newspaper Segodnya [Today] came under attack, with both receiving cuts and bruises and having teeth knocked out.

The men were returning from filming a story when they heard shouts and ran over to see what was happening. They found 8 men who lunged at the two, threw them to the ground and began kicking them.  According to the victims, their assailants went for the face and ribs.   They also took their telephones, passports [ID] and money.

Bunetsky told Telekritika that given the situation in the Crimea at present, they didn’t report the attack at night, but plan to do on Tuesday.

Since the Russian invasion of the Crimea on Feb 27, the Institute for Mass Information and Telekritika have reported at least 70 flagrant violations of freedom of speech on the peninsula. 

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