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today 26.09.2016 15:21
(by Kyiv time)


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Release promised of activists taken hostage in the Crimea


The speaker of parliament’s press secretary has announced that negotiations for the release of all hostages began at 21.00 on Wednesday and it is hoped that they will be released during the night. No further details are given.

A protest was held outside Ukraine’s Security Service [SBU] on Wednesday demanding the release of 11 hostages in the Crimea whose whereabouts are unknown.

An SBU spokesperson came out and told the protesters that according to their information, all of the eleven civilians abducted are alive. The SBU however was not able to give any clear response regarding abducted Ukrainian military. 

At present the following remain missing

Andrei Shchekun, civic activist

As reported, Sergei Aksenov, head of the puppet government admitted a week ago that Shchekun had been removed for supposed "subversive activities"  - see Abducted activist Andriy Shchekun removed for “subversive activities”

Anatoly Kovalsky, civic activist

Mykhailo Vdovchenko, civic activist

Oleksy Grytsenko, AutoMaidan activist

Serhiy Suprun,   AutoMaidan activist

Natalya Lukyanenko, AutoMaidan activist

Yaroslav Pylunsky, cameraman

Serhiy Gruzynsky, cameraman

The following are from the Civic Solidarity list:

Vladislav Polishchuk, activist

Ivan Bondarets, activist (Rivne)

Valery Vashuk, activist (Rivne)

Anatoly Kalyan, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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