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today 01.10.2016 22:03
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In Memory: Serhiy Koturin


Serhiy Koturin, a soldier at a Ukrainian military base in Simferopol died when the base was stormed on March 18, shortly after Vladimir Putin signed the document annexing the Crimea. Ukraines Defence Ministry says that the attackers were in Russian military uniform.

Serhiy Koturin was 37 and married. His wife is due to give birth to their second child in two months. Serhiy had transferred to the Photogrammetric Information Centre last summer. He was killed by a single bullet wound to the heart. Following Serhiy Koturins death, Kyiv removed its ban on military servicemen using arms.

³ Eternal Memory

Below are the bank details provided by the ministry for anybody wishing to help Serhiys widow, Olena Koturina, her son and unborn child.

Bank Account in the following bank: ʻ



Account No. 26205110392003

/ to be paid into the main account 26208635303002

Kokurina, Olena Yurivna

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