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today 01.10.2016 20:14
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Crimean hostages put in an electric chair, beaten, shot at


   Andriy Shchekun

Most of the hostages released on March 20 were subjected to torture while held in captivity by members of the so-called "Crimean security service"

Serhiy Kovalsky, a Crimean EuroMaidan activist says that his father, Anatoly Kovalsky was the only one of the EuroMaidan and AutoMaidan activists to have not been tortured.  Andriy Shchekun who was abducted at the same time was one of the worst treated, together with Yury Shevchenko.  Both have shock pistol wounds to the arms and legs. Shchekun told him that he had been put in an electric chair.

The 8 hostages, including Navy Commander Serhiy Haiduk, were held together in one cell in the Simferopol military enlistment office.  The torture took place next door and the victims’ cries could be heard

Shchekun was beaten and may have fractured ribs, an x-ray has been taken in the Kherson hospital where he is now receiving treatment. Serhiy Kovalsky says that his torturers were interested in two things - Shchekun’s possible links with Pravy Sector and his sources of financing. 

There were no links to Pravy Sector, nor any major funding, so Shchekun had nothing to tell them.

From a report here

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