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today 28.09.2016 11:40
(by Kyiv time)


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Unlike Ukraine, Russia does not broadcast any Ukrainian TV channel


In an open address to TV viewers, Ukraine’s National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council responds to the many letters and calls received regarding the removal from air of four Russian cable television channels. Some have called for the channels to be reinstated.

The Broadcasting Council stresses that the measures have been taken in conditions of military aggression and an information war for the sake of the country’s unity "when most Russian media are consciously and deliberately giving false information about the situation in our country, creating an atmosphere of hatred to Ukrainians and Ukraine, calling for the destruction of the country’s sovereignty and integrity".

The Council points out that Ukrainian TV viewers can watch 187 foreign programmes, of which 70 are Russia and 139 are in Russian, whereas Russian nationals are unable to objectively assess the events taking place in Ukraine since Russia does not broadcast even one Ukrainian television channel. This is despite there being a large number of Ukrainians in Russia. 

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