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today 01.10.2016 13:21
(by Kyiv time)


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Ukrainian officer still held captive in Crimea


Ukraineís Defence Ministry reports that Viacheslav Demyanenko remains a Russian prisoner in Sevastopol, and says that he is being held captive at the Black Sea Fleet command headquarters with the Russian military providing no explanation.

Demyanenkoís family have approached both the Foreign and Defence Ministries asking them to assist in getting him released.†

Lidia Demyanenko told Ukrainska Pravda that her son had been taken captive during an attack on military unit A 4398 on March 23. She said that they had information from reliable sources, including the Defence Ministry that he was at the command headquarters, and that over the last week the Russians have been trying to break him down.

Demyanenko was originally reported to have been released with a number of other military commanders and officers set free on March 26, namely Commander of Ukraineís Navy, Ihor Voronchenko; the commander of the Sevastopol Tactical Aviation unit, Yuliy Mamchur;† commanders from Feodosia Dmitry Delyatytsky and his deputy, Rostyslav Lomtyev, and Alexander Filipov.

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