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today 01.10.2016 18:34
(by Kyiv time)


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EuroMaidan SOS: On the events in the East and South of Ukraine


In an appeal to all Ukrainian citizens, the civic initiative EuroMaidan SOS stresses that what is at issue is not peaceful protest by citizens in the East and South of Ukraine.  It is instead an armed and violent encroachment on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and inviolability carried out with active interference from Russia according to a Kremlin-dictated scenario.

“In such a situation the government has a direct constitutional obligation to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and citizens’ rights. If necessary, though the use of force. Yet another attempt to put off resolving this issue in the hope that the conflict will subside could lead to irreversible and fatal consequences and large-scale losses in human life. We therefore call on the state authorities to take responsible and begin immediate and decisive action.”

EuroMaidan SOS insists that attempts by the law enforcement bodies to wait and not intervene will only lead to an escalation.  Those who have taken up arms and seized administrative buildings under separatist slogans must answer before the law.

“We understand that in the present situation there are numerous dangers of restrictions on civil and political rights and therefore human rights and civic initiatives are willing to act together with the authorities in defending citizens’ rights and freedoms.”

EuroMaidan SOS stresses that during the rallies in support of Ukraine’s unity scheduled for Sunday, if the local authorities and local law enforcement bodies prove incapable of protecting the demonstrators and maintaining public order, they should be removed. 

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