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today 29.09.2016 11:28
(by Kyiv time)


Kharkiv Human Rights Group Social Networking

Russia’s FSB demand personal data about EuroMaidan activists


Co-founder of the social network VKontakte, Pavel Durov has reported that Russia’s Security Service demanded that he provide personal data about the organizers of the EuroMaidan groups on the network.  He writes on his page on VKontakte

“In the process I had to sacrifice a lot. I sold my share in VKontakte, for example, since having it could prevent me from making correct decisions. However I don’t regret anything – protecting people’s personal details is worth that and much more. Since December 2013 I haven’t had any property, but I’m remained with something much more important – a clear conscience and ideals which I’m ready to defend.”.

Unless, of course, the information request is not genuine, then Russia’s Security Service was demanding information it had no right to, presumably in order to obtain more such information.>


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