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today 28.09.2016 15:02
(by Kyiv time)


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Holocaust memorial desecrated in Sevastopol


Sevastopolskaya Gazeta reports that  the Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust has again been desecrated.  As the photo shows, a five-pointed star, some strange letters and what is probably an attempted hammer and sickle over the Russian letters for USSR were daubed in red paint.

The Memorial has been subjected to such attacks before although normally with anti-Semitic slogans and swastikas. This time there are strange abbreviations and the hammer and sickle.  There have also been attacks in the past on the Karaim Cemetery and the Cemetery of the Communards.  Nobody has ever been prosecuted.

While in the Crimea which is presently under Russian control, Sevastopol has always had special status due to the Russian Black Fleet being stationed there

Details about the first anti-Semitic graffiti in Simferopol which appeared shortly after Russian troops invaded can be found here: Crimea: Anti-Semitic card and other provocation in time of siege

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