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today 01.10.2016 08:00
(by Kyiv time)


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Pro-Russian militants set fire to newspaper office


The Konstantinovka [Donetsk oblast] newspaper Provintsia has faced an arson attack and links it with the newspaper’s criticism of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic. At around 3.30 a.m. on Wednesday morning two Molotov cocktails were hurled at the building. Two windows were smashed, however one of the incendiary devices fortunately failed to ignite.  The other didm destroying a computer and causing damage to the room. A plastic waterpipe burst which extinguished the flame.

The Chief Editor, Mikhail Razputko, says that they have CCTV footage, but you can’t make out the assailants on it.  The newspaper had already had foul insults addressed at the journalists daubed on the walls. There were attempts to link the newspaper with the nationalist Right Sector party, and at a pro-Russian rally there were calls to “burn down” Provintsiya.

The newspaper is the most popular in Konstantinovka and has a print run of around 7 thousand. It is run by civic and human rights activists, including environmentalist Volodymyr Berezin who has faced threats.  He is remaining in the city for now, but does not underestimate the danger and is considering his next moves. 

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