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today 01.10.2016 13:23
(by Kyiv time)


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Luhansk lawyer shot by pro-Russian activists


Ihor Chudovsky, head of the Luhansk-based law firm Chudovsky and Partners is reported to have been seriously injured by the pro-Russian activists who on Tuesday stormed the Luhansk regional administration.

His wife, Iryna says that Chukovsky was shot twice in the chest. She says that they threatened to shoot, trying to force him to take part in a press conference. The bullet wounds were received when he showed resistance.

Chudovsky has lost a lot of blood. One bullet was a few millimetres from the heart, and he has undergone an operation. The doctors say he is in a serious, though seemingly not critical condition.

Chudovsky is reported to be an active supporter of European integration and heads the Anti-corruption committee created within the Luhansk Region Headquarters of National Resistance.

The pro-Russian activists, armed with automatic rifles, stormed a number of official buildings in Luhansk on Tuesday.

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