Pro-Russian activists attack journalists in Kharkiv


Two Radio Svoboda journalists filming the protest near the Kharkiv regional administration building were set upon and beaten by pro-Russian activists on Thursday.  The journalists were filming how the activists took down and burned the Ukrainian flag and first came under a barrage of abuse and threats. They were accused of distorting information, called “fascists” and “Bandera-supporters”.  The activists then began pushing them off the square, hitting then around the head and back and trying to take their equipment off them. They were warned not to appear at pro-Russian protests again.

The police intervened and took the journalists to safety, but did not detain anybody.

During the previous night, posts appeared on the Kharkiv AntiMaidan social networks pages calling on people to hamper Ukrainian journalists from reporting.  Among those mentioned as needing to be ousted from the scene of the protest (Freedom Square) were Radio Svoboda journalists.

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