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today 27.09.2016 23:47
(by Kyiv time)


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Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust desecrated near Novomoskovsk


The Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust on the outskirts of Novomoskovsk (Dnipropetrovsk oblast) has again been desecrated, just over six weeks after a previous  attack. 

This time the Memorial to residents of Novomoskovsk shot by the Nazis from 1941-1943 was daubed in red stars and offensive words.

The National Minority Monitoring Group reports that the anti-Semitic vandals appear to particularly have it in for Ihor Kolomoisky, head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional administration, businessman and active member of the Jewish community, with some of the foul remarks aimed directly at him. There are also the menacing words: “We’ll win”.  Given the symbols and nature of the words, Likhachev believes it likely that the vandals are angered by Kolomoisky’s actions aimed at preserving Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Group recalls the desecration of the Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust in Sevastopol in April.  Then a five-pointed star, some strange letters and hammer and sickle over the Russian letters for USSR were daubed in red paint.  If on that occasion the Monitoring Group believed that the rather unusual use of Soviet symbols might have been done deliberately in order to imitate pro-Soviet leanings, the desecration in Novomoskovsk looks more “natural”.

This is not the first time that Ihor Kolomoisky’s work as Dnipropetrovsk governor has provoked anti-Semitic utterances from those who do not share his position on Ukraine’s unity – see: Pro-Russian, anti-Roma, anti-Semitic and hunting out Ukrainian speakers

Photo from the Dnipropetrovsk Jewish community

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