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Russia, the improbable human rights crusader

10.05.14 | Halya Coynash

The Russian foreign ministry’s "White Book" on human rights abuses in Ukraine ignores Nov 30, titushki, etc, and effectively suggests that "the opposition" was behind the gunning down by police snipers of unarmed protesters

In its propaganda against the authorities in Kiev, the Kremlin has decided to employ a curious narrative on "human rights". The Russian foreign ministry recently released a "White Book" detailing "human rights violations" in Ukraine from November 2013 to March 2014.

Why is Russia so worried about human rights specifically in Ukraine?  Doesn’t it have its own history of suppression of human rights activism to deal with and murders of human rights activists (Natalia Estemirova,  Nikolai Girenko,  Anna Politkovskaya, to name a few) to investigate?

I guess in the media war against Ukraine anything is possible, even the absurd. The human rights abuser has decided to preach to the abused about human rights it tramples on regularly.

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