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today 27.09.2016 18:33
(by Kyiv time)


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Russian FSB detains Ukrainian film producer in Simferopol


Ukraines National Union of Cinematographers has reported that in the early hours of May 11 Russias Federal Security Service detained Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian film producer and EuroMaidan activist. It cites journalist Kateryna Serhatskova as source of the information.

She says that he last contacted her at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning writing that he had been detained. Since then his phone has been out of reach. She says that they can do nothing except phone the FSB in Simferopol and ask where Oleg is and when hell be released.

Attempts to find out where Sentsov is from the FSB have proven fruitless. They neither confirm nor deny the information and say that any information can only be provided to close relatives.

Oleg Sentsov was born in 1976 in Simferopol. He has produced the following films: A Perfect Day for Bananafish (2008, short), The Horn of a Bull (2009, short), Gaamer (2012)

Information about his first feature film Gaamer can be found here