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today 01.10.2016 06:18
(by Kyiv time)


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Abducted journalists as exchange for arrested terrorists?


Leaders of the so-called ĎArmy of the South-Eastí are believed to be planning to exchange the two journalists abducted in Luhansk on Sunday for their fighters arrested in Novoaidar during an armed attack on a polling station.†

As reported, the Chief Editor of OBZOR.lg.ua, Viacheslav Bondarenko and his colleague, a streamer for Spilno.tv, Maxim Osovsky were seized on Sunday at a checkpoint in the town of Shchastye in Luhansk oblast.† They had been covering some of the few polling stations in the Luhansk oblast which the Kremlin-backed militants did not prevent from working.

They were taken to the SBU building, together with the taxi driver who was, however, later released.†

According to Informator.lg.uaís information, the militants first tried to accuse them of spying for the Right Sector party and the anti-terrorist operation forms.† Having realized that such accusations were groundless, they then went for them over the content of their material. They were threatened for criticizing the actions of the pro-Russian militants.

Witnesses say that Bondarenko has been badly beaten.† Armed militants also turned up at his newspaper office on Monday and copied information from his computer.†

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