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today 25.09.2016 06:49
(by Kyiv time)


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Luhansk: Kremlin-backed militants cut off Ukrainian TV channels


Informator.lg.ua reports that on Wednesday virtually all Ukrainian channels disappeared from the Luhansk cable television network.  Most of the channels were cut off ‘by order’ of the head of the so-called United Army of the South-East, however the publication notes that the owner of the cable TV network cut off one channel on its own initiative.  The Luhansk regional council is co-owner of Luhansk Cable Television, whose director general is Party of the Regions deputy to that regional council, German Kudinov.

Two analogue channels – “1 + 1” and Channel 5 – were removed from air back on May 3.  The state-owned UTV-1 had been cut off even earlier.

As reported here, all Kremlin-backed militants have sought to gain control of TV and radio frequencies, with Russian propaganda channels being broadcast instead.  

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