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today 27.09.2016 01:28
(by Kyiv time)


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Kyiv University to teach Crimean Tatar Language and Literature


The Institute of Philology at Kyiv National University has announced the creation of a new specialization - Crimean Tatar Language and Literature and Translation.  Presumably because of the last element, people opting for this course, will also study Ukrainian and English.  The Institute’s press centre promises highly-qualified lecturers and native speakers, and new academic literature in four languages – Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar, Turkish and English.

The press centre says that iInterest in studying the Crimean Tatar language is growing thanks to the considerable number of its speakers in Ukraine and its close ties with the Turkish language.  Crimean Tatar is the third language most spoken in Ukraine (counting the Crimea) after Ukrainian and Russian.

Up till 2014 Crimean Tatar was only taught at two universities or institutes in the Crimea.  The fate of the specialization offered at the Tavria University in Simferopol appears to be under threat.


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