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today 28.09.2016 01:19
(by Kyiv time)


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9 Luhansk residents have disappeared in the last 3 days


Obzor.lg.ua reports worrying numbers of disappearances, probably abductions.  In two or three cases the men are known to have been abducted, and it seems likely that all the disappearances are the work of Kremlin-backed militants.  They are hopefully being held hostage or forced to work for the militants, however concern must be high after Alexander Reshetnyak, a EuroMaidan activist, died of terrible injuries including a gunshot wound to the back after being abducted by the terrorists.

In the following cases, the men left home, in most cases, going to work, and did not return. There has been no contact with them.

8.00, 20 June    Denis Kalnytsky (b. 1993)

20 June             Vladislav Shcherbinin (b. 1980)

22.00, 21 June   Dmitry Titarenko  (b. 1989);

6.00, 21 June  Yury Kochergin (b. 1987)

At around 11.00 on 21 June armed men abducted Mikhailo Zhurbenko (b. 1969)

22 June            Viacheslav Berezhnoy (b. 1986)

22 June            Volodymr Melezhyk (b. 1955) set off for his dacha in the village of Zelenaya Roshcha.  

22 June             Denis Danylenko (b. 1986), who was intoxicated, got into an argument with a young man who phoned somebody.  A car arrived with men in camouflage and took Danylenko away

23 June             Volodymyr Semystyaha (b. 1949)  see: Head of Prosvita civic organization abducted in Luhansk

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