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today 30.09.2016 07:56
(by Kyiv time)


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Justice Ministry seeks ban on Communist Party


At a briefing on Tuesday, July 8 Justice Ministry Pavlo Petrenko announced that he has applied to the District Administrative Court for a ban on Ukraineís Communist Party.

He stated that the move was taken on the basis of considerable evidence provided by the SBU or Security Service and Prosecutor Generalís Office of the CPUís active support and financing of separatists.

Petrenko said that the party is believed to have been involved in supporting separatists in the east of Ukraine as well as the seizure of the Crimea by the Russian Federation; calls for a change to Ukraineís territorial integrity and constitutional order; organizing and holding separatist meetings; financing and buying weapons and other items for terrorist organizations; as well as supporting the pseudo-referendums and self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk Peopleís Republics in the east of Ukraine.

Petrenko asserted that their evidence was extremely strong, with more than 129 pages and a number of videos.† He promised that the court case would be as public as possible.

Calls to ban the Communist Party have been heard for a long time, unrelated to the charges which Petrenko mentioned on Tuesday.† The belief is also widespread that former colleagues and party allies of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych who is in hiding in Russia, are heavily financing the Kremlin-backed militants whom Petrenko calls separatists.† †For both those reasons, the need for maximum transparency is especially great.† [HC]

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