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In Memory: Valeria Novodvorskaya


Valeria Novodvorskaya, one of the most courageous and truly free people in Russia  died in Moscow on Saturday, aged only 64.  She was a political prisoner and victim of punitive psychiatry in Soviet times, a defender of democracy, of sanity as Russia has slipped back into authoritarian rule under Vladimir Putin. 

She was also a very great friend of Ukraine and one of her last videoed appeals was to the militants going to fight in eastern Ukraine. In her appeal she urges the militants to stop and ask themselves what kind of fate awaits them, and why they want to be pawns in this game, sacrificing their own lives. “We can’t understand who you are planning to die for. Surely not for Russian television that you’ve been glutted on?”. The leading militants, she warns them, will be alright, they’ll scarper to Moscow, unlike the fighters who’ll die and not even gain a mention. The Kremlin doesn’t want Donbas. On the contrary, they need it as a border so that they can get arms in to Ukraine, so that they can attack and ensure that Ukraine doesn’t have a single peaceful day, that reforms fail.

Valeria Ilyinichna will be very sorely missed.

Светлая память   Eternal Memory

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