Polish journalist seriously injured in eastern Ukraine


Bianka Zalewska, a Polish journalist working for the Ukrainian channel Espreso TV received serious injuries on Sunday near Starobielsk in the Luhansk oblast.  She was returning from the zone of military action between Kremlin-backed militants and Ukrainian forces, seemingly together with Ukrainian soldiers.  

According to MP Mykola Knyazhytsky, her car came under fire and turned over.  Zalewska suffered injuries to the spine, collarbone and kidneys. He says that doctors hope that nerve ends have not been damaged and that vital functions have not suffered.  A clearly prognosis will be made in the next 12 hours.

Gazeta Wyborcza quotes a spokesperson from Poland’s foreign ministry who states that they have been able to speak with the injured journalist.  She is seriously hurt, they confirm, but not so badly as to be unable to speak.  

The anti-terrorist operation leadership say that the car was fired up by militants despite being clearly marked as a press vehicle.  Zalewska was taken by Ukrainian soldiers to the hospital in Starobielsk from where she was transferred by helicopter to Kharkiv.

Bianka Zalewska has been working for Espreso TV since EuroMaidan and also organized help for Maidan from Poland.  

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