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today 26.09.2016 03:14
(by Kyiv time)


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Russia increases clamps on Internet use


From Aug 13 Russians will have to provide identification to use the Internet in public places. A new Russian government order from July 31 and just signed by prime minister Dmitry Medvedev means that people will only be able to access Wi-Fi in public places after providing identification.

The order also obliges operators to identify the equipment with which a user accesses the Internet. The operator must retain such data for at least 6 months.

Organizations and businesses which provide employees with access to the Internet will now be obliged to send the operator a link of their employees with passport details each quarter.

This latest move comes shortly after a law preventing bloggers from remaining anonymous and obliging those with more than 3 thousand daily readers to register with Roskomnadzor. The latter is the media and Internet body currently trying to get access blocked to websites in Russia and Ukraine, including Glavkom for refusing to remove entirely innocuous reports about a proposed march in Novosibirsk in support of greater autonomy for Siberia. That peaceful march has also been banned by the Russian authorities.

Information about the order posted at theRunet

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