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today 29.09.2016 18:21
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Muslim school head fined for ‘extremist literature’ in Crimea


The Crimean prosecutor under Russian occupation has fined the director of a Dzhanoye district madrasa or religious school for possession of what it considers ‘extremist’ material.   This is in connection with the recent search carried out which found books in the library which are on Russia’s substantial list of prohibited books. As reported here, this is in no way surprising since Ukraine has never had such a list and the books were freely available in Ukraine.   Since the Spriitual Directorate of the Muslims of Crimea had just drawn up a list of material which falls under the Russian law, had the authorities waited just two weeks until teachers returned for the new school year, the books would have probably been removed.  It seems likely that the prosecutor wanted to go through the search etc. for intimidation purposes.

The school head had been charged of an administrative offence under Article 20.29 of the Russian criminal code [large-scale dissemination of extremist material and also their production or possession for mass circulation.  He was fined 2 thousand roubles with confiscation of the books.

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