Seizure of Donetsk University – an attempt to destroy the future of Donbas


Volodymyr Kipen, a professor at Donetsk National University has spoken of the seizure of his university on Sept. 10 by Kremlin-backed militants from the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s republic.  Kipen says that armed men entered the building and announced that it was to be placed under DPR subordination. They closed down the services ensuring that even under the present circumstances the university could function, as well as sealing documents and the office of the administration.

He said that the actions were placing the position of 2 thousand lecturers and staff of the university, as well as 20 thousand students in question. He called the seizure an element of the policy taken by the aggressor – Putin to destroy Donbas. This, he says is a wish to destroy not only the infrastructure and economy of Donbas, but also its future.

The seizure was accompanied by an ‘Order’ from the so-called DPR education ministry ‘dismissing’ the dean of the university Roman Hrynok, and appointing professor Yury Lysenko.  The education ministry’s press service informed that Lysenko had officially stated that the information about his being appointed dean had no legal basis and that there had been no arrangements agreed. 

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