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today 27.09.2016 16:56
(by Kyiv time)


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Donetsk National University to be moved after seizure by militants


Serhiy Kvit, Ukraine’s Education Minister reports that his ministry is currently working on a plan for transferring Donetsk National University out of the area controlled by Kremlin-backed militants to another region.  He writes that the university’s “dean and the overwhelming majority of students and lecturers have taken a principled patriotic stand.  They want to retain their university as an institution with its own academic traditions and to develop it further.”

He adds that the ministry is currently looking for appropriate premises which would be suitable for moving the university.

Students and graduates have just issued an open appeal to the prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk asking him to evacuate Donetsk National University and to maintain it as a Ukrainian educational institution.

They are angered and demand an explanation why the education ministry has not reacted to the seizure of the university.

The university was originally seized by Kremlin-backed militants on Sept 10, however the person the militants tried to install as dean did not agree and for a few days the militants laid off.  They then turned up on Sept 18 with Sergei Baryshnikov, , a person dismissed from the university last year for serious bribe taking and stated that he was

More details here: Armed militants wage offensive against Donbas universities

Photo from Osvita.ua

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