CVU: Electoral reform must be part of any coalition agreement


The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has issued a statement noting that the Coalition Agreement drawn up makes no proposals for the reform of electoral legislation “that the Ukrainian public were demanding before the parliamentary elections on Oct 26.”

CVU notes that almost the entire third section of the coalition agreement is devoted to decentralization and extended powers to bodies of local self-government.  The first step to such reform, it stresses, must be properly held local elections.

It calls on the signatories to the agreement to include the following points:

1)    To make amendments to the law on local elections which will eliminate the problems seen at the snap local elections on May 25 2014 and envisage the holding of elections for city mayor in two rounds;

2)    By the end of 2015 to adopt an Electoral Code, the need for which has long been evident.  This should standardize all electoral problem for different elections and introduce a proportional electoral system with open candidate lists for parliamentary elections. 

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