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today 01.10.2016 01:00
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Peace, lustration, economic prosperity – what the public voted for


Dzerkalo Tyzhnya writes that sociologists have identified different priorities among supporters of various political parties.

According to the results of the National Exit Poll, almost half (46%) of those who voted on Oct 26 believe the main priorities to be achieving peace and ensuring that the country is able to defend itself.

25% saw lustration and overcoming corruption as a priority, while 19.5% mentioned resolution of economic issues as of primary importance.

Peace and defence capacity were in first place for 55% of those who voted for the Petro Poroshenko Bloc [BPP]; 52% - of those who voted for the People’s Front; 49% - Civic Position; 49% - Batkivshchyna and 47% - Radical Party.

Overcoming corruption and lustration were seen as most important by 39.5% of Samopomich [Sefl-Help] supporters (whose party did enter parliament) and 43% of VO Svoboda supporters (the party failed to get 5% of the votes and does not enter parliament).

Those who mentioned economic improvements as priority voted for Opposition Bloc [35% said this was most important against 44% - peace), the Communist Party and others.  The Opposition Bloc is the only one that entered parliament. 

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