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today 27.09.2016 06:39
(by Kyiv time)


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Bomb blast in offices of Odessa Automaidan leader


A powerful explosion ripped through a basement housing a business belonging to Yevhen Rezvushkin, head of the Odessa Automaidan , as well as the Automaidan office.  Thankfully nobody was injured, but there is damage to the building. 

A Dumskaya newspaper correspondent who was at the scene reports that witnesses heard two powerful explosions.

Rezvushkin commented that “in the light of recent events, it’s easy to guess who’s behind this.”   He was likely referring to his recent arrest and detention before being released on bail over charges of hooliganism relating to an alleged attack on the head of the Kruh TV channel.  A fairly large number of his supporters from Automaidan held a demonstration in protest at his arrest.  Judging by the reports, the Automaidan people see themselves as administering the law against people whom the prosecutor should be pursuing, but is not. 

There have been a number of terrorist acts over recent months, with Odessa one of the targets.  

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