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today 30.09.2016 11:24
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Wish Crimean Political Prisoner Sasha Kolchenko Happy Birthday!


It is Oleksandr Kolchenkos BIRTHDAY on Nov 26. It is bleak spending your birthday in Russian captivity facing a monstrous sentence on trumped up charges. Please send him birthday greetings (and signthe petitiondemanding his release!).

The following birthday wishes would be fine.

! , . .

(Happy Birthday! Wishing you health, courage and happiness, and that you will soon be released.)


344082, . --, 2710,

(1989 ..)

LETTERS to all three men are much needed!Messages in Russian are most likely to get through, though short messages in simple English may also. Even if they do not, they will still help by demonstrating to the prison administration in Gennady Afanasyevs case, and to the Russian authorities, that the men are not forgotten and that Russias treatment of them is under scrutiny.

Gennady Afanasyev

167028, , . , . , -25,

, (1990 .)


344082, . --, 2710,

(1976 ..)

The addresses can be copy-pasted) the numbers in brackets are each mans year of birth, which is required for getting letters through:

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