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21.05.2000 | Sergey Bobok, Kharkov

Ukraine does not fulfil the obligations before the Council of Europe


‘Ukraine has done practically nothing in order to fulfil her obligations before the Council of Europe’. That was said by Sergey Golovaty, a member of the Supreme Rada delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in his interview in Strasbourg. According to S.Golovaty, Ukraine practically has not adopted a single legislative act concerning her obligations; the only exception is the adoption of the Constitution. Mainly formalities were fulfilled: the conventions were signed and ratified. However, Mr. Golovaty pointed out, these documents are not used as elements of the national legislative system.

Mr. Golovaty, the former Minister of Justice, heads now the Ukrainian juridical foundation and the public union ‘My’, which stands in opposition to the current power. He added at his press conference that the executive power ‘deceives the public that the membership of Ukraine in the Council of Europe hinges upon the law on the death penalty’. But this obligation is only one of many, which is not fulfilled by Ukraine.

The Council of Europe is troubled by insufficient democracy in Ukraine, by the facts that the executive power interferes into the activities of the legislative and judicial power, represses some mass media and infringes upon the local self-rule in a number of cities, said Mr. Golovaty.

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