21.05.2000 | I.L., Odessa

Leonid Kuchma should go


Representatives of political parties, unions and public organizations of Odessa region directed an appeal to President Kuchma. This appeal was signed by 14 prominent politicians of the region. The authors of the document depicted the grave situation, which developed in Ukraine during the presidency of L.Kuchma. They ask President Kuchma ‘to behave honestly, with the feeling of responsibility for the destiny of the people, to be true to his word and to take the decision not to participate in the coming Presidential election’.

The authors remind the President that in the autumn of 1997, in his address to the people, the President declared that if the situation in the country does not drastically improve during his rule, then he will not put out his candidature at the next election. During the years of Kuchma’s presidency the situation deteriorated in all directions. This was a five-year period that led to a catastrophe, with which neither the host of prime-ministers nor the guarantor of the Constitution know how to fight. And the people in power must keep their word and must carry the responsibility for their decisions. That is why the best way out for the President and his team is to go and not to block the way to those who will really labor for the good of Ukraine and her people.

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