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21.05.2000 | I.L., Odessa

Odessa is a very expensive city


In April Odessa and Odessa region became champions of Ukraine as to the growth of prices for food.

These events are more tragic for the poorest layers of the population (especially for pensioners) since the price of cheapest food increased most of all: white bread went up by 12.9%, brown bread — by 11%, mixed bread — by 4.7%, oil, margarine, mayonnaise, sugar, eggs went up by 4.7 - 6.6%. It is noteworthy that in the nearest neighbor-regions (for example, in Vinnitsa and Kherson regions) the prices did not change and now are lower by 15 – 30% than in Odessa.

Certainly we can congratulate out neighbors with their successes. Simultaneously we can congratulate R.Bodelian, the former communist leader, the former governor and the present mayor of Odessa, with a very doubtful achievement. A year has not passed since R.Bodelian by hook or crook took the victory in the election from Gurvits. Now the new mayor surprises the inhabitants of his city. Odessa parted with free tram and trolleys: now people pay money but the city transport has not become better. The army of bureaucrats has increased under the new mayor form 832 to 1574, and they cost to the meager city budget 8 million grivnas more, to say nothing of the increased bribes. Nothing is heard in the city about the struggle with corruption. On the eve of May holidays the mayor signed the order to increase pays for communal services.

After the New Year eve the teachers of Odessa forgot about their salaries. Under the leadership of Gurvits, the former mayor, pay arrears were becoming less and less. R.Bodelian seems to destroy all the best which his predecessor built.

Now, before the start of the election race President Kuchma sternly demands from the Cabinet of Ministers and local executive power to do everything for stopping the growth of bread prices until the pay arrears are liquidated. In Odessa grows all: both prices and pay arrears.

Once President Kuchma pressed R.Bodelian into power. Have you made the correct choice President Kuchma?

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