21.05.2000 | A.Chernukha, Kyiv, Head of the City Union of political prisoners

Distorted consciousness


An attack on human rights and freedom of speech is going in Ukraine. Ukrainian history is distorted, long periods of the tragic Ukrainian history are cut off. Nobody mentions the great famines of 1922 - 23 and of 1947; executions in Bekivnia, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Drogobych, arrests and trials of 50s-80s. This is an expected consequence ordered by the new rulers of Ukraine, repainted communist aparatchiks, this will continue and develop until we try in court the communist ideology together with communist functionaries.

Protection of human rights in Ukraine is partly the right for obtaining objective information and also the right for protection one’s honor and dignity in court. This opportunity is weakened by the passivity and sometimes by a direct betrayal on the side of so-called human rights protectors. To see that it is true one may recollect the work of the Commission on human rights protection of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine.

In 1993 in Kyiv in the so-called October Palace (once it was the Institute of noble maidens, and in the thirties communists carried out a slaughter there) the Congress of Ukrainian political prisoners was held. In the presidium of the Congress well-known public and political figures: V.Chornovil, L.Lukyanenko, S.Stetsko, M.Lebid, E.Proniuk, D.Shumuk, L.Taniuk, M.Goryn and others were sitting. According to the decision of the Congress, a stone was laid in the yard of the Palace, and it was carved on the stone that a monument to commemorate the people perished during the communist terror will be erected in this place. The inscription on the monument was also voted and confirmed: ‘To victims of the communist terror’.

Now, when this monument is erected on the appointed place, knowing people are astonished because the inscription on the monument is ‘To victims of repressions of the 30s - early 50s’. There is no mention of communists — maybe the repressions were carried out by Martians? The time interval is unexplainably narrowed. It is not clear. Where there repressions in 17 – 30s, or in 60s – 80s?

And what is most interesting — this shameful fact of distorting the text, which was confirmed by the Congress, does not worry those who sat in the presidium and delivered passionate speeches about the necessity to form the international court Nurnberg-2 for condemning communists.

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