21.05.2000 | S.Bobok. Kharkov

Faked lists of signatures in Kharkov


Faked list of signatures for the candidature of Moroz appeared in Kharkov. It was told at a press-conference by Andrey Belogrishchenko, the first secretary of the Kharkov region committee of the socialist party. He said that several faked lists were taken from the collectors. The faked blanks differ somewhat from the genuine ones, but it cannot be decided while seeing, as it practically happens, only one blank. The collectors introduce themselves saying: ‘We are from the house management’, and do not show any documents confirming their right to collect signatures. The collectors said that they were promised 20 grivnas for one sheet, but they do not confess who hired them.

Besides, the facts of intimidating genuine collectors of signatures have been observed.To members of the socialist party, who collected signatures near a subway station, a group of men came and threatening them, demanded to take away posters and stop the collection of signatures.

Leaflets discrediting Moroz are distributed in carriages and passages of subway, are thrown from cars in the streets of Kharkov. Similar leaflets are distributed in district centers of Kharkov regions, such as Chuguev, Izium, Lozovaya, Kupiansk. According to representatives of the region committee, law-enforcers pretend not to notice these actions.

Andrey Voytsekhovskiy, the press-secretary of the regional committee of the socialist party, declared that the list of violations of the law on election may be prolonged. So, at Malyshev works, at Shevchenko plant, as well as in Kharkov University and Medical institute meetings were held, during which signatures were collected in support of Kuchma. In a number of Kharkov schools parents meetings were held. They were peculiar meetings, for the parents had to bring passports and put their signatures for Kuchma, otherwise their children were promised not to be transferred to the next grade.

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