21.05.2000 | I.L., Odessa

Crime blossoms in Odessa


On 16 May, as almost everyday, shots sounded in Odessa. another assassination occurred. In daytime (around 15:00 hours) not far from his suburban villa Boris Vikhrov, the chairman of Odessa region arbitration tribunal, was shot from a Tommy-gun. He had a passenger. Igor Bondar, the director of the local TV company AMT. The passenger was killed too, perhaps accidentally, but as to judge Vikhrov, there were many reasons for him to be murdered. He was a candidate to the mayor of Odessa last summer, and then he took off his candidature, not by his own will, it rumors. He took part, or, to be exact, he did not take part in the recent scandal when one of the best ships of the Black Sea ship company. Taras Shevchenko. was sold at the auction in January to some British firm for the dumping price of 2 million 200 thousand USD (experts say that the ship costs at least five times more). The results of this criminal auction later were recognized illegal, but the region arbitration tribunal dodged from the consideration of this case.

Yuri Kravchenko, the Minister of Interior, said at the press conference in Kyiv that during the inspection of judge Vikhrov. s property records were found of his expenditures that exceeded one million USD. Only on the plot of land in the country, which belonged to judge Vikhrov there were five big constructions and a three-storied house. His possessions slightly exceeded a salary of a state officer.

All written above does not mean that we feel that a corrupted judge deserved his lot. All people must be protected by law, and this protection in Odessa is as reliable and strong as a cobweb.

Yuri Karmazin, the head of the Parliamentary Committee, told journalists that law-enforcing bodies knew about the preparation of the judge Vikhrov. s assassination half a year ago. Yet our valiant militia, as is well known, does not come until the victim is dead.

The series of assassinations in Odessa is successfully going on. During a week after Vikhrov was murdered four other businessmen were murdered, two of them, probably, because they came to the city for purchases. This sad list can be prolonged.

General-major Ivan Grigorenko, the head of the directorate of the Ministry of Interior of Odessa region, refused to give interviews. Militia keeps silence. And they have their reasons because not a single of the loud assassinations, attempts at assassination and kidnappings have been disclosed. Here is the murder of the big businessman A.Tabachnik, kidnapping during the last year election of the head of a district administration I.Svoboda and the head of a department of the city executive committee S.Varlamov, as well as the attempt on the life of the chairman of the city election committee L.Kapeliushny and the candidate to the mayor. s post E.Gurvits. No guilty have been found in all these cases.

One case did come to the court. It was the case of the murder of B.Derevianko, the editor of the newspaper. Vecherniaya Odessa.. Although some people got behind the bars as the result of this trial, the trial was fishy. The culprits told at the trial by which methods militia convinced them to. confess.. Who ordered the crime was not established. The name of the intermediary was called, but she has disappeared and is wanted by militia. Yu.Ivanov, the public prosecutor from the editorial board, after the end of the trial declared that the case need additional investigation.

On the other hand, militia is very successful. At the press conference this March colonel V.Romanovskiy, the deputy head of the Odessa directorate of the Ministry of Interior, the head of the department for fighting with organized crime, reported that during five recent years one hundred gangs counting more than 800 criminals were disclosed, among them criminal gangs of Vishnia, Duda, Grigoryev, Roganov, Konstantinov were caught. But the daily crime chronicle convincingly shows that the crime rate is not diminishing.

Who will be responsible for the sad fact that Ukraine turned into a criminal state and Odessa into one of criminal leaders.

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