A letter on brazen violations of Constitutional rights of citizens and the operating law . On Presidential election. by Severodonetsk militia


To colonel Frolov M.Yu.

Head of Severodonetsk Directorate of the Ministry of Interior

Copy to the Central Election Commission of Ukraine

On 9 August the Severodonetsk town committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine held a public meeting with S.I.Doroguntsov, a member of the Central Committee of this party. The latter agitated for the candidate to Presidency of the communist P.Simonenko. Posters, displayed in various districts of the town, invited to this meeting all inhabitants of Severodonetsk. Several members of the people. s democratic party and people. s democratic socialist party, 41 persons all in all, came to this meeting. But according to their convictions, they held posters of oppositional contents, which at first did not cause any clashes.

Yet, in 2 . 3 minutes militiamen came to the representatives of democratic parties and, under the guidance of Polikarpov, the deputy head of the Severodonetsk Directorate of Interior, began to oust the democrats from the square, accusing them in provoking unrest. Several extremists from communists came to help militia: they tore the posters and insulted the democrats.

I assess these actions by militia as a rude violation of the Constitutional rights of citizens and the operating law . On Presidential election. because:

Being inhabitants of the town and being invited to the meeting, the members of democratic parties had the right to participate in the meeting; hence the militia illegally stood in the way of using the right stipulated in Part 1 Article 39 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

In accordance with Part 1 Article 34 of the Constitution of Ukraine, citizens have the right to the free expression of their opinions and convictions, in particular, in a visual form . through posters, and the militiamen illegally impeded this.

The organizers of this meeting agitated for the candidate P.Simonenko; in accordance with Part 2 Article 31 of the law of Ukraine . On Presidential election. , citizens have the right to carry out agitation against any candidate; the militia impeded this lawful right, for which, according to Part 1 Article 50, they must bear responsibility.

Bearing in mind the above arguments, I demand to have a service investigation of this incident and punishing the guilty.

A.Svetikov, a citizen of Ukraine

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