Another arbitrary act of Crimean authorities: an appeal


We, Andrey Voynich and Aleksandr Suvorov, members of the Simferopol city union of youth, were detained for a day and night by militia of the Tsentralny district of Simferopol. Our homes were searched under a far-fetched pretext.

We were detained because we kept leaflets appealing to vote at 31 Oct. election against the current President of Ukraine.

In our . democratic. country we have (on paper) all human rights, among them the freedom of speech, the freedom of voting, the open access to information. But under actual conditions, when the most of mass media are controlled by the authorities, when the mass media show only the lacquered side of the power activities, all the attempts to bring crumbs of truth to the people via mass media are brutally blocked by the authorities, then there remains only one way . that, which we took. Our detention is an anti-Constitutional act, rudely trampling human rights.

Without the public control, without the free press election-99 will become a farce. We appeal to journalists, to human rights protection organizations, to the democratic public to protect the freedom of speech, democracy and human rights.

Andrey Voynich, Aleksandr Suvorov

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