21.05.2000 | A. Svetikov, Severodonetsk

The USS does not collect signatures for Marchuk


Since the election campaign and the collection of signatures began, the offices of Severodonetsk administrators saw a Molchanov, known as an USS officer. He did not disprove his affiliation and successfully got assistance in collecting signatures for the former USS chief Marchuk. The filled in signature sheets were brought to the building in 4 Lenina street.

Independent observers protested against the participation of the USS in collecting signatures. The USS checked itself and denied the accusation. They said that Molchanov had been a USS officer, but now he headed the town organization . Spivdruzhnist. , which protects former officers of USS. It was this organization that was placed in 4 Lenina street, whereas the USS has quite another address . 4a Lenina street, whose building is separated from another building by a fence. Thus, the USS has convincingly proved that this service has no relation to Marchuk. s election campaign.

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