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21.05.2000 | A.Blinushov, Riazan
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Urgent message


Mourning about the victims of the mean acts of terrorism in Moscow, I find it necessary to attract colleagues attention to the very alarming news on the coming mass violations of human rights in Moscow and the Moscow oblast.

This information, obtained from the Internet ( 39570.html), is obliquely confirmed from other sources. I hope that the horrible tragedy in Moscow will not prevent Moscow human rights protection activists to check the following news:

The order to detain persons having no propiska(residence permit) in Moscow or the Moscow oblast will be signed today by the oblast governor Anatoliy Tiazhlov. To check their identification people will be brought to specially prepared places, for example, to the former pioneer camps. Allegedly, Mr. Tiazhlov said it on Monday at the meeting of the oblast government.

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