22.05.2000 | R. Romanov, Sebastopol

15 potential Russian MPs stay in a Crimean prison


15 citizens of Russia, members of the Eduard Limonov. s radical organization . National bolshevik party of Russia. , are doing their stretch in the preliminary prisons of Sebastopol and Simferopol since 24 August.

The culprits came to Sebastopol on 24 August . the Independence Day of Ukraine. The young people, residing in various towns of Russia, arrived in Sebastopol by train. They came to the building situated in downtown, got up to the clock tower, welded the metallic door after themselves and began to scatter leaflets from the roof of the tower. Two hours later the Russian military and Ukrainian militia managed to open the door and detain the culprits. On the same day Leninskiy district court of Sebastopol tried them according to Article 206 part 2 (impudent and cynical hooliganism) and Article 187-5 (capture of a public building) of the Penal Code of Ukraine. The verdict was 15-day administrative arrest. However, several days later graver accusations were pressed on them. The leaflets were directed to Kyiv for the politological expertise with the purpose to find out if the leaflets contained appeals to overthrow the existing Constitutional order and violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Now the detained must expect much graver punishments.

Sergey Aksenov, a representative of the . National bolshevik party of Russia. , who hurriedly came to Sebastopol, told the correspondent from the newspaper . Ekspress-khronika. about the decision to put out all the culprits as candidates to the Russian State Duma. Now Sergey Aksenov is trying to sigh proxies, because the culprits, staying in the Ukrainian prison, cannot put out their candidatures themselves.

PL commentary.
The Sebastopol human rights protection group sent the application to the General Prosecutor. s office, demanding to release the culprits. Some colleagues of us are surprised: how can we defend fascists? From our viewpoint, the colleagues from Sebastopol are right. The actions of the Russian demonstrators may not be qualified as hooliganism; Article 187-5 is also far-fetched. As to the graver accusations (Article 62 of the Penal Code), we are sure that it is incorrect to fight separatism by criminal persecutions.

Evhen Zakharov

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