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Declaration of the Committee of voters of Ukraine about holding the all-Ukrainian referendum


On 15 January the President of Ukraine signed the Decree on holding the all-Ukrainian referendum. It must decide some problems that concern changes in the distribution of functions among different branches of power, as well as changes in the Constitution. A referendum is a form of the direct power on the side of the people, and the right to participate in a referendum is guaranteed to Ukrainian citizens by the Constitution.

The Constitution of Ukraine, which has the superior juridical power, proclaim in Articles 155 and 156 that any changes in the Constitution have to be previously approved by the majority of the constitutional composition of the Supreme Rada. But the Decree of 15 January has been issued without the consent of the Supreme Rada, or, at least, without the consent of its majority.

The Committee of voters of Ukraine insists on the urgent consideration of the questions concerning changes in the Constitution by the Supreme Rada. The referendum may be held only under the conditions of the operating law ’On all-Ukrainian and local referendums’, as follows from the Constitution of Ukraine, or after the adoption of a new edition of the above-mentioned law by the Supreme Rada. Otherwise holding the referendum can result in the aggravation of the social crisis and the opposition between different branches of power, it will result in drawing to conflict not only political parties and movements, but numerous layers of citizens.

Besides, the constitutional correctness of the decreed referendum must be examined by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

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