Lenin in the box


An important change happened in the building of the former Leninskiy district committee of the communist party, where the district court is located now. Up to now the Lenin’s marble bust was seen behind the judge, as if it prompted the judge Lenin’s favorite words: ’Kill, kill and kill’. Now the former leader is covered with a box. The box looks respectable: it is yellow and blue (i.e. of colors of the state flag) and the trident (the state symbol) is painted on it, that very trident which during decades symbolized the national resistance to the communist regime. We hope that the judges will stop listening to what Lenin prompted to them and will listen to laws.

The bust of Feliks Dzerzinski embellishes the building of the city militia. Perhaps the militia bosses are still waiting for communists to come and give the command: ’Kill!’. But the offices of the most commanders are decorated with the portraits of the current boss Leonid Kuchma. When will his busts appear?

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