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08.12.2000 | A. Svetikov, Lugansk

No access to official information


Severodonetsk town council ruled out (Order No. 348 of 23 December 1999) to record on magnetic carrier everything which is said at a session and preserve the record at least until the election of the following composition of the town council. Some time later S. A. Gulenko, a deputy of this council, turned to the mayor with a request to transcribe some fragment.

In response deputy Gulenko got a letter from the secretary of the town council N. G. Taldonov. The letter read: ’To your request of 6 January 2000 I inform you that according to Section 10 Article 49 of the law ’On local self-rule in Ukraine’, a deputy has the right to get acquainted with any official document, which is kept in the corresponding organs of the local self-rule, but since audio records are not mentioned in any legal documents, I believe that your request to obtain an audio record is illegal.’

If such answers are given to deputies, what can be answered to ordinary citizens?

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