The new law allows the UK government to scan the e-mail of British citizens


The UK Parliament adopted the law, which allows the government to scan e-mail and prohibits users to imply encryption in the Internet communications. The law must become operable in October this year. The UK government declares that this law is directed against the organized crime. Yet, protectors of human rights and civil freedoms have an opposite opinion on the matter. According to this law, no law-enforcing bodies get the right to demand from Internet providers the information concerning the Internet traffic; the law-enforcing bodies may analyze the encrypted messages. A new intelligence center will care about the technical side of this affair. This new center is named Government Technical Assistance Center. The authorities tell that this center will be situated on some part of the headquarters of MI 5. Internet providers have to build protected communicative channels with this new center. Providers will get about US 30 millions for this expenditures.

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