The newspaper ’Silski visti’ is fined again


According to the deputy editor-in-chief of ‘Silski visti’ Vasyliy Gruzin, officials of tax inspection imposed on the newspaper a fine sanction for Hr 1,767,000.

The editors decided to protest against this sanction and handed a claim to the court. The last session of the court, said V. Gruzin, was appointed on 28 August. But it did not take place, because the tax officials, referring to the complexity of the case, asked for its joint discussion. Their request was complied by court and the session was postponed to 20 September. The deputy editor-in-chief said that the session was postponed since ‘they want to gain time before the session to correct some documents.’

The reason for imposing the fine on the newspaper, according to V. Gruzin, was the fact that in 1992, by the official decision, all editions belonging to the publishing house ‘Presa Ukrainy’ became autonomous organizations and were excluded from the structure of the publishing house. They got the property and equipment, which they used before. As the deputy editor-in-chief said, all the hardware was in such a bad state that they had to write it off. The tax administration considers that having obtained the equipment, the newspaper has to pay the income tax, but dodged it. Today this tax, together with the fine, equals 1 million 150 thousand 562 hrivnas 63 kopecks.

Since the newspaper has not such sum on its account, the tax administration, as it is said in the editorial article, wants to charge it from the editors and providers of the newspaper, which can terminate the publication of the newspaper.

The deputy editor-in-chief of ‘Silski visti’ is sure that the aim of such activities of the tax officials is ‘to suppress the newspaper, and that it is merely a political order’. V. Gruzins argues his opinion so: ‘Firstly, such illegal demands were made only to us’. This is confirmed also by the attitude of the court, which ‘during 15 minutes returned the verdict and postponed the sitting’.

Accordingly the deputy editor-in-chief draws a conclusion that ‘Ukraine is privatized by oligarchs, who also privatized the power of the President’. As it is said in the editorial article of 7 September 2000, the reason for such activities of the officials is that ‘Silski visti’, as an independent edition, set its goal to protect the interests of peasants and constitutional rights of all working people and so it prevents to act to state officials’.

A people’s deputy Ivan Bokiy, who was present at the press-conference, declared that the tax officials ‘obey the political order from Bankovaya St. and personally from the President – to destroy ‘Silski visti’.


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