Some forces threaten a Ukrainian journalist Oleg Eltsov for his publications on the Russian site ‘Agency of Federal Investigations’


As it is said in the message on the site ‘Institute of mass information’, on Friday, 15 September, at 20:00 on Oleg’s domestic telephone in Kyiv a stranger called and threatened that Oleg’s publications ‘are in the way of very influential people’. The stranger demanded from Oleg ‘to stop his tricks in the Internet’. When the journalist tried to learn about what they prohibit to write, the stranger dropped the receiver. At once after this connection Oleg Eltsov phoned to militia and informed them about the threats; in one hour Oleg was visited by two local inspectors of Kharkivskiy district militia precinct. Next morning the stranger phoned again and told that he knew about the visit of the militiamen.

The journalist thinks that threats at his address may be linked with two recent publications on the site ‘Agency of Federal Investigations’, which was signed by Ivan Stepanov: ‘Wolf without sheep’s skin‘ and ‘Oligarchs with stripes’. As Oleg said, some people consider him to be the author of these publications, since he often published his articles on the site (under his own name). Yet, Oleg Eltsov did not refute that the name Ivan Stepanov may be his pseudonym.

The journalist said that after the appearance on the site of the article about Volkov (‘Wolf without sheep’s skin‘, ‘Volkov’ in Russian means ‘Wolf’. – Translator’s note) some strangers began to phone him frequently. Oleg also does not exclude the possibility that the phone calls could be initiated by someone of the personages of the article ‘Oligarchs with stripes’ who in this manner point at Volkov.

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